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Нож buck special cocobolo

Нож buck special cocobolo нож бокер плюс керамбит отзывы

Bad smudge on cocobola handle not able to fully polish out.

The 6-inch HC stainless steel blade provides years of uninterrupted service and befits a knife that functions both as a ready hunting tool or a gleaming mantlepiece. The only complaint I have is that tang Its substantial brass guard and pommel give it the look of ноэ classic Buck, complete with blood groove and top-quality craftsmanship. I bought this for my grandson, so I will not be using it. This item will ship to Ukrainebut the seller has not specified shipping options.

buy it here: A short review of what is the nicest Knife I own. A special edition Buck , with an upgraded wood and brass. The classic Special Buck knife is a super seller.

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